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Meeting House (Former), Baldock Road, Cottered now Wayside Cottage

This 17th or 18th cottage on the main road through Cottered was used as the village Meeting House from 1742 prior to its transfer to the house in Meeting House Lane in the early nineteenth century.


Listed building details

Meeting House (Former), Warren Lane, Cottered

Down the dead end Warren Lane south of the parish church. This cottage succeeded a cottage in the village in being used as a Quaker Meeting House around 1808. It has been a kennels since the mid 1950s.

Listed building details

Quaker Burial Ground, Angell’s Meadow, Ashwell

Now very overgrown at the cul-de-sac end of Angell’s Meadow. Some of the wall alongside a footpath up from Silver Street has gone allowing a view in. The Meeting House was destroyed by fire in 1850, having already been out of use.


Ashwell Museum website

Quaker Burial Ground (Former), Port Hill, Hertford

On the opposite side of the town centre to the Meeting House. This plot of land is surrounded by high walls and locked gates. There are no markers left and the area has returned to a scrub of trees and rank weeds at the bottom of Port Hill next to what is now Oaks veterinary surgery. The land was acquired in 1661, but sold in the early 1970s and the headstones relocated to the garden behind the Meeting House.


Quaker Heritage datasheet

Friends Burial Ground, Kibes Lane, Ware

The Quaker meeting-house in Ware closed in 1864 and was demolished in 1881, but the burial ground remained in this small street just north of the town centre. It is now landscaped as a knot garden with three modern reproduction Quaker burial stones. The stones marking over 200 burials are long gone.

ware_quaker_burial_ground251116_4  ware_quaker_burial_ground251116_3
 ware_quaker_burial_ground251116_1  ware_quaker_burial_ground251116_2

East Hertforshire District Council information page

Primitive Methodist Church (former), Common Road, Chorleywood now Chorleywood Arts Centre

Facing the Common, this is a chapel of 1893 closed in 1969 and sold in 1970 and converted to an arts centre. For some reason all the name and foundation stones have been crudely scratched out. Interestingly it is now used for regular Quaker meetings so is back in religious use for a period of time each week.

chorleywood_strict_methodist_former010916_1  chorleywood_strict_methodist_former010916_5
 chorleywood_strict_methodist_former010916_4 chorleywood_strict_methodist_former010916_


Friends Meeting House (former), Brand Street, Hitchin

Across the road from its burial ground, where the current Meeting House now stands. It has been extended and converted into local government/NHS offices but appears to be empty currently (March 2016). It was designed by Samuel Whitfield Dawkes in 1840.

hitchin_friends_former180316_ hitchin_friends_former180316_1
 hitchin_friends_former180316_2  hitchin_friends_former180316_4


Listed building details

Friends Meeting House, Southdown Road, Harpenden

By the north end of the Common just outside the town centre. The building dates from 1887 as the Harpenden Lecture Institute and Reading Club and became the Meeting House in 1933.

harpenden_quaker300315_  harpenden_quaker300315_1
 harpenden_quaker300315_3  harpenden_quaker300315_2

Church website

Society of Friends, Church Road, Watford

Up the road from St Andrew’s church. The current building dates from 2006.

watford_quaker090215_ watford_quaker090215_1
 watford_quaker090215_2  watford_quaker090215_3
  watford_quaker100916_  watford_quaker100916_1

Church website

Friends Meeting House, Handside Lane, Welwyn Garden City

Just west of the town centre. The top two pictures show it undergoing refurbishment in Feb 2015. The others are from Dec 2016.

welwyn_garden_city_quaker020215_  welwyn_garden_city_quaker020215_1
 welwyn_garden_city_quaker221216_9  welwyn_garden_city_quaker221216_7
 welwyn_garden_city_quaker221216_1  welwyn_garden_city_quaker221216_6

Church website