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Wesleyan Chapel (former), West Street, Lilley now the Old Chapel

Alongside a footpath off West Street, this building now looks much more like a modern house than a chapel. Only the shadow of arched windows and doors in the gable end give it away. It opened in 1837 and closed in 1954 and was converted to housing.

  lilley_old_chapel010317_4  lilley_old_chapel010317_3
 lilley_old_chapel010317_6  lilley_old_chapel010317_2
 lilley_old_chapel010317_ lilley_old_chapel010317_1

St Michael & All Angels (former), Moffats Lane, Brookmans Park

This building, now house, predates its use as a church by many years. It was built as the squash court for Moffats a local large house. It was purchased in 1948 and an appeal for £1,500 in 1949 to convert it to a chapel, succeeded and conversion started in 1950 with consecration in 1951. It lasted until the 1990s, being converted to a house around 1997. This conversion added the street level windows.

brookmans_park_st_michael_former240916_3  brookmans_park_st_michael_former240916_2
 brookmans_park_st_michael_former240916_  brookmans_park_st_michael_former240916_1


Brookmans park history website

Strict Baptist Chapel (former), The Back, Potten End

Partially hidden away behind other houses in The Back, as it is accessed down a passageway alongside number 7. It dates from 1835 and is now a house. The rear can be viewed from the garden of The Plough.

potten_end_baptist_former080916_ potten_end_baptist_former080916_1
 potten_end_baptist_former080916_6  potten_end_baptist_former080916_4

Listed building details

Chapel (former), Hudnall Lane, Little Gaddesden now Churchhouse Studios

On the corner of Chapel Close and Hudnall Lane at the southern edge of the village. The chapel has been converted into housing with several extensions added. It is largely hidden from the road.

little_gaddesden_chapel_formerl080916_  little_gaddesden_chapel_formerl080916_2
 little_gaddesden_chapel_formerl080916_3  little_gaddesden_chapel_formerl080916_4

Baptist Church (former), rear of 39 Stocks Road, Aldbury

Hidden from the road behind Lace Cottage in Stocks Road, Aldbury. From the road only part of a tile hung wall can be seen, a public footpath at the rear of Stocks Road enables a view of an end wall only. It was built around 1827 or 1836 depending on the source used.

aldbury_baptist_former080916_  aldbury_baptist_former080916_2
 aldbury_baptist_former080916_6  aldbury_baptist_former080916_5

Listed building details

Primitive Methodist Chapel (Former), Melbourne Road/High Street, Bushey now Heronslea Group offices

Built in 1852 but it ceased to be a chapel in 1883 with a move to a relatively recently demolished tin church. It was converted into a private theatre by Sir Hubert Herkomer in about 1887, being close to his house and art school. It was extended in 1912-1913 when it became a film studio called ‘The Glass Studios’. All are now part of an office complex.

bushey_former_primitive_methodist050916_ bushey_former_primitive_methodist050916_1
 bushey_former_primitive_methodist050916_2  bushey_st_margaret_school_chapel150916_5

Listed building details

Chapel (former), 14 Bridge Road, Hunton Bridge, Abbots Langley now Chapel Studios Stained Glass Works

A small chapel now used by the stained glass designers and restorers Chapel Studios.

hunton_bridge_baptist_chapel_studios050916_  hunton_bridge_baptist_chapel_studios050916_1
 hunton_bridge_baptist_chapel_studios050916_4  hunton_bridge_baptist_chapel_studios050916_3


Central Hall (former), Loates Lane, Watford now Boys and Girls Nursery

Opened in August 1869 as a Strict Baptist chapel before the congregation moved to derby Road chapel, it then passed to The Plymouth Brethren It was named Central Hall in 1891 and by 1949 was used by The Christian Assembly. By the 1990s it was derelict and is now a day nursery.

  watford_central_hall050916_2 watford_central_hall050916_1

Locally Listed building details

Mount Zion Baptist (former), 69 Queens Road, Watford now New Hope House

Built as a Strict Baptist church and designed by  Charles Richard Lovejoy in 1884-85. It is now accommodation for the homeless run by the New Hope charity. It closed as a church in 1986 and was converted to a hostel in the 1990s.

 watford_mount_zion_baptist050916_  watford_mount_zion_baptist050916_1
 watford_mount_zion_baptist050916_2  watford_mount_zion_baptist050916_3

Local Listed building details

Methodist Church (former), 78 High Street, Rickmansworth

This is a curiosity as it appears to be a small fragment of the original Rickmansworth Methodist church according to the local listing document which says, “The rear of No.78 was once the site of the first Methodist Chapel in Rickmansworth and a bricked-up ornamental doorway is still present in the side wall (referenced below).

 rickmansworth_strict_methodist_former010916_  rickmansworth_strict_methodist_former010916_1
 rickmansworth_strict_methodist_former010916_2  rickmansworth_strict_methodist_former010916_3

Locally Listed building details