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Edwinstree Chapel (former), Hay Street, Dassels

According to the Victoria County History there was a Methodist church at Dassels. Dassels is a hamlet along the road from Braughing to Hare Street. The building is not visible from the road but belongs to the house called Edwinstree, although it seems to be physically behind the neighbouring Old Coach House. It is now a holiday cottage. The pictures of the chapel (the red brick building with a semi circular window) below were taken from a footpath that runs, at some distance, behind and above the hamlet. Edwinstree is shown from the road.

  dassels070415_3 dassels070415_1

Cottage website

Baptist (former), Birch lane, Flaunden (now The Old Chapel)

The chapel dates from 1836 and is now housing. The old graveyard stands alongside.

flaunden_baptist_former130716_  flaunden_baptist_former130716_1

Providence Mission Hall (former), Dawes Lane, Sarratt

A short way off the green this chapel dates from 1883 and in use up to 1987. It was sold for housing in 1997 According to the village website it was founded by George William Willbee and called the Trowel and Sword Mission.

sarratt_providence_mission_hall_former130716_  sarratt_providence_mission_hall_former130716_1
 sarratt_providence_mission_hall_former130716_2  sarratt_providence_mission_hall_former130716_3

Baptist (former), The Green, Sarratt

There was a Baptist chapel from 1857 which was enlarged in 1874. Like so many village chapels it closed, in 2006-2007, and is now housing. The foundation stones are largely covered by plants.

 sarratt_baptist_former130716_ sarratt_baptist_former130716_1
 sarratt_baptist_former130716_5  sarratt_baptist_former130716_2
 sarratt_baptist_former130716_3  sarratt_baptist_former130716_4

Local Listed building details

Salvation Army (former), Baker Street, Hertford

Still sign posted off Ware Road but the building ceased to be used by the Salvation Army around 2000. It was built in 1980s to replace a building, in Bircherly Green opposite the bus station, that was demolished for housing. The building is now used by the Red Cross and Royal Voluntary service.

hertford_salvation_army_former060716_  hertford_salvation_army_former060716_2
 hertford_salvation_army_former060716_6  hertford_salvation_army_former060716_5
 hertford_salvation_army_former060716_3  hertford_salvation_army_former060716_4

Particular Baptist (former), New Road, Wilstone

On the dead end “back road” through the village, this chapel of 1837 was converted to two dwellings in 1988.

wilstone_chapel_former070716_ wilstone_chapel_former070716_1
 wilstone_chapel_former070716_2  wilstone_chapel_former070716_3

General Baptist Chapel (former), Frogmore Street, Tring

Almost unrecognisable as a chapel and heavily altered, it is now housing called Chapel House. It was built in 1751 and enlarged in 1839 and was replaced by the current Baptist church on the High street in 1889

tring_general_baptist_former070716_  tring_general_baptist_former070716_1
 tring_general_baptist_former070716_2  tring_general_baptist_former070716_4

St Nicholas (former), Langley

Langley is a hamlet on a dead end road off the Hitchin to Welwyn Garden City road. This building looks to have been a combined church/school and has been extended and converted to housing. Now known as St Nicholas chapel.

langley_st_nicholas_former050716_ langley_st_nicholas_former050716_1

Chapel (Former), Cottered (now The Old Chapel)

A Congregational Mission chapel, now a bungalow on the A507 at the west end of the village. It is very much altered from its chapel days. It was built sometime after 1810, out of use in 1852, back in use in 1858, closed in 1913, open again in 1924 and finally closed in 1951.

cottered_old_chapel270616_  cottered_old_chapel270616_1

St Joseph (Former), Cromer (now Chapel House)

Hidden away behind Cromer Cottage on White Hill in this small hamlet of Ardeley. It was built in 1890 and closed in 1957. The drive up to the house is also an (unsignposted) public footpath. It is difficult to see this building as a former chapel as it has been altered so much.

cromer_chapel_house270616_1  cromer_chapel_house270616_