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St Margaret, Ridge

In a large churchyard in a hilltop village isolated by the M25 from much of the rest of Hertfordshire.  The church is 15th century with  a porch of 1881 by A. Billing.  There is a large 15th century St Christopher wall painting on the north wall. At the time of visiting (October 2014) the east window was away for restoration and replaced by polycarbonate sheeting.

ridge_church280212_1               ridge_st_margaret051014_
 ridge_st_margaret051014_36  ridge_st_margaret051014_35
 ridge_st_margaret171013_1  ridge_st_margaret171013_2
 ridge_st_margaret051014_6  ridge_st_margaret051014_32
 ridge_st_margaret051014_26  ridge_st_margaret051014_18
 ridge_st_margaret051014_23  ridge_st_margaret051014_11
 ridge_st_margaret051014_27  ridge_st_margaret051014_13
 ridge_st_margaret051014_14  ridge_st_margaret051014_25
 ridge_st_margaret051014_9  ridge_st_margaret051014_16
 ridge_st_margaret051014_22  ridge_st_margaret051014_30

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