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Chapel (Former), Blakesware Manor, Wareside now housing

Down a winding private drive east of Wareside, off the road to Widford. The house of 1876-79 is by George Devey and is linked to the chapel by a range rebuilt in 1968 after a 1937 fire The Roman Catholic chapel dates from 1896 and is by Edward Goldie. From 1960 to 1980 the house and chapel were used by the Order of the Blessed Sacrament. After their departure, the various buildings were converted to housing.

wareside_blakesware_chapel210117_8  wareside_blakesware_chapel210117_6
 wareside_blakesware_chapel210117_7  wareside_blakesware_chapel210117_5

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St Martin de Porres, Church Close, Cuffley (Roman Catholic)

A prefabricated building of 1963 by Westmore and Partners. It is hidden away down a suburban cul-de-sac.

cuffley_st_martin_de_porres_rc171013_ cuffley_st_martin_de_porres_rc171013_1

Church website

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The Old Chapel (former Roman Catholic Church), 1 Park View Road, Berkhamsted

Built in 1909 and in use until 1967 when it was replaced by the current church on the other side of the town centre. It is now used as offices.

  berkhamsted_the_old_chapel130616_3  berkhamsted_the_old_chapel130616_2
 berkhamsted_the_old_chapel130616_  berkhamsted_the_old_chapel130616_4
 berkhamsted_the_old_chapel130616_6  berkhamsted_the_old_chapel130616_5

Church website

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Chapel of the Annuciation (former), Furneux Pelham (Roman Catholic)

A 16th century barn at Tinker’s hall whose upper floor was transformed into a Roman Catholic chapel in the 1940s when Neville and Florence Lake, owners of the Rayments brewery in the village converted to Roman Catholicism and decided they wanted their own chapel. It was served by priests from surrounding parishes until its closure in July 2013. The furnishings and vestments that had been collected from a variety of sources were dispersed after closure.

furneux_pelham_annunciation_rc_former110515_ furneux_pelham_annunciation_rc_former110515_3
 furneux_pelham_annunciation_rc_former110515_4  furneux_pelham_annunciation_rc_former110515_6
 furneux_pelham_annunciation_rc_former110515_2  furneux_pelham_annunciation_rc_former110515_1

YouTube video of the church from 2011

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St Hugh’s Chapel, Hare Street (Roman Catholic)

Seemingly disused, this chapel was built over the grave of Robert Hugh Benson (died 1914), a son of the Archbishop of Canterbury who converted to Roman Catholicism. It stands in the grounds of Hare Street House where he lived and which was bequeathed to the Archbishops of Westminster as a country home. The exterior can be seen through a locked lych gate on the B1038 towards Great Hormead. Apparently a brew house in the grounds (not publicly visible) was also converted to a chapel.

 hare_street_st_hughs_chapel070415_ hare_street_st_hughs_chapel070415_1
 hare_street_st_hughs_chapel070415_2  hare_street_st_hughs_chapel070415_11
 hare_street_st_hughs_chapel070415_10  hare_street_st_hughs_chapel070415_9
 hare_street_st_hughs_chapel070415_5  hare_street_st_hughs_chapel070415_12

More information

Listed building details for Brewhouse Chapel

Corpus Christi, Langdon Street, Tring (Roman Catholic)

On the western edge of the town centre, the basis of the building is from 1912 and designed by a C. Green. A tower and south aisle were added in the 1960s by George Mathers. Reconstruction in 1995-99 by Anthony Delarue turned the church by 180 degrees and added a new aisle.

??????????????????????????????? tring_corpus_christi_rc200614_1
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 tring_corpus_christi_rc200614_2  ???????????????????????????????
 tring_corpus_christi_rc080914_  tring_corpus_christi_rc080914_2
 tring_corpus_christi_rc080914_10  tring_corpus_christi_rc080914_7
 ???????????????????????????????  tring_corpus_christi_rc080914_17
 tring_corpus_christi_rc080914_14  tring_corpus_christi_rc080914_12
 tring_corpus_christi_rc080914_5  tring_corpus_christi_rc080914_11

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Carmelite Monastery, Ware Park (Roman Catholic)

Down a private road in open countryside between Hertford and Ware (accessed from Ware). The nuns moved here, to a large house, in 1958 and added a chapel.

ware_park_monastery120614_1 ware_park_monastery120614_
 ware_park_monastery120614_2  ware_park_monasterys020714_3

Church website

Carmelite website




St Mary & St Joseph, St Johns Road, Boxmoor

Serving western Hemel Hempstead. The church dates from 1898 (Blessed Sacrament Chapel), extended in 1900 (sacristy), 1903 (chapel extended), 1938 (further extension by A. H. Archard of Marshall & Archard) and 1951 (sanctuary and further extension by Archard Partners).

boxmoor_st_mary_and_st_joseph_rc121113_  boxmoor_st_mary_and_st_joseph_rc121113_1
 boxmoor_st_mary_and_st_joseph_rc121113_3  boxmoor_st_mary_and_st_joseph_rc121113_5
 boxmoor_st_mary_and_st_joseph_rc121113_4  boxmoor_st_mary_and_st_joseph_rc121113_2
 hemel_hempstead_boxmoor_st_mary_st_joseph_rc060315_  hemel_hempstead_boxmoor_st_mary_st_joseph_rc060315_10
 hemel_hempstead_boxmoor_st_mary_st_joseph_rc060315_1  hemel_hempstead_boxmoor_st_mary_st_joseph_rc060315_9
 hemel_hempstead_boxmoor_st_mary_st_joseph_rc060315_8  hemel_hempstead_boxmoor_st_mary_st_joseph_rc060315_4

Church website

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Our Lady Queen of all Creation, St Albans Road, Adeyfield, Hemel Hempstead (Roman Catholic)

On the eastern side of the town. It is by Derek Plummer and Associates and dates from 1987. It replaced a church of 1956. The building contains a hall and church, the church being at the western end

   hemel_hempstead_our_lady_rc121113_4 hemel_hempstead_our_lady_rc121113_2

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Our Lady, Mother of the Saviour, Dunny Lane, Chipperfield (Roman Catholic)

In the north east corner of the village.Built in 1988 to designs by Bird and Stones.

chipperfield_our_lady_rc090514_5  chipperfield_our_lady_rc090514_2
 chipperfield_our_lady_rc090514_4  chipperfield_our_lady_rc130716_

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