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Cemetery Chapel, Melbourn Road, Royston

Just up the road from the Roman Catholic church. The chapel is boarded up and out of use.

royston_cemetery270315_ royston_cemetery270315_1
 royston_cemetery270315_5  royston_cemetery270315_2
 royston_cemetery270315_4  royston_cemetery270315_3


Congregational Church (former), Kneesworth Street, Royston

Now in use commercially, it was converted after falling out of use in the 1980s. It dates from 1791-92

royston_congregational_former270315_  royston_congregational_former270315_1

Methodist Church, Queens Road, Royston

Not far from the station, the church dates from 1887.

royston_methodist270315_  royston_methodist270315_15
 royston_methodist270315_1  royston_methodist270315_14
 royston_methodist270315_13  royston_methodist270315_10
 royston_methodist270315_2  royston_methodist270315_5
 royston_methodist270315_8  royston_methodist270315_6

Church website

Royston Evangelical Church

On the northern edge of the town near the Tesco superstore. This independent evangelical church dates from 1980.

 royston_evangelical_church270315_ royston_evangelical_church270315_1
 royston_evangelical_church270315_5  royston_evangelical_church270315_2

Church website

St Thomas of Canterbury and the English Martyrs, Royston (Roman Catholic)

On Melbourn Road on the north side of the town, a tall, slim church of 1916-19 designed by Benedict Williamson a priest. Its flat roof was replaced by the pitched roof in 1937 by A.H. Archard.

royston_st_thomas_of_canterbury_rc270315_22  royston_st_thomas_of_canterbury191013_4
 royston_st_thomas_of_canterbury_rc270315_21  royston_st_thomas_of_canterbury_rc270315_24
 royston_st_thomas_of_canterbury191013_7  royston_st_thomas_of_canterbury191013_9
      royston_st_thomas_of_canterbury_rc270315_12  royston_st_thomas_of_canterbury_rc270315_4
 royston_st_thomas_of_canterbury_rc270315_9  royston_st_thomas_of_canterbury_rc270315_1
 royston_st_thomas_of_canterbury_rc270315_8  royston_st_thomas_of_canterbury_rc270315_6
 royston_st_thomas_of_canterbury_rc270315_16  royston_st_thomas_of_canterbury_rc270315_15

Church website

Diocese of Westminster entry

St John the Baptist, Royston

A fire, cause unknown, started in the early morning of 9 December 2018 and has seriously damaged the building. Restoration and re-ordering are under way and expected to be completed in 2022. The church before the fire is shown lower down.

A large town church in the middle of a park. The nave is the adapted remains of a Priory. There is original 13th-century work but much that is 16th or 17th century. The chancel and tower are 19th century. The post WW2 window is by Hugh Easton. The alabaster knight is of around 1415.

royston_st_john_the_baptist190514_39 royston_st_john_the_baptist190514_39

Church website

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