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The Chantry Chapel, London Colney

Accessed down a footpath marked private at the north end of the former All Saints Pastoral Centre. It sits on a small wooded island surrounded by a dry moat. There are low walls, restored in the 20th century and a small sentry box type construction housing a small altar. It is said to be the site of St Alban’s capture prior to his execution.

london_colney_chapel_ruins240916_8  london_colney_chapel_ruins240916_10
 london_colney_chapel_ruins240916_2  london_colney_chapel_ruins240916_3
 london_colney_chapel_ruins240916_  london_colney_chapel_ruins240916_4

All Saints old church, Chapel Lane, Long Marston

Off to one side of the village and almost hidden by trees lies the preserved 15th century tower of All saints church. The church was replaced by the new church on the main village road. The body of the church was demolished in 1883.

  long_marston_old_tower200614_4 long_marston_old_tower200614_3
 long_marston_old_tower200614_5  long_marston_old_tower200614_
 long_marston_old_tower200614_8  long_marston_old_tower200614_7

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St Mary Magdalene – Marlin Chapel, Northchurch

Hidden away at the junction of two rather muddy footpaths just west of Marlin Chapel Farm 3km west of Berkhamsted. All that remains are the four corners of the chapel covered in ivy and surrounded by nettles. It is thought to have been built in the 13th century but was never parochial.

  ???????????????????????????????  marlin_chapel060614_17
 ???????????????????????????????  marlin_chapel060614_4
 marlin_chapel060614_13  marlin_chapel060614_10
 marlin_chapel060614_8  marlin_chapel060614_1

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Hertford, St Mary the Less (former)

The remains of St Mary the Less were collected together and made into a fountain outside, the now former, public library in Old Cross in 1890. The limewash was added in 2012 in a preservation attempt.

  hertford_st_mary_the_less251013_3 hertford_st_mary_the_less251013_6
 hertford_st_mary_the_less251013_  hertford_st_mary_the_less251013_1

Minsden Chapel

The ruined, since the late 17th century, medieval chapel of a lost village only accessible by foot in a copse in the middle of large arable fields. The last time I went there was a stile onto this private land but now (Sept 2020) it’s just a broken fence into a nettle ridden copse. R.L. Hine was a noted writer on local history and natural history prior to the second world war.

Sept 2020 Sept 2020
Sept 2020 Sept 2020
Sept 2020 Sept 2020
Sept 2020 Sept 2020
P1280567Aug 2013 P1280570Aug 2013
  P1280571Aug 2013 P1280576Aug 2013
 P1280582Aug 2013 minsden_chapel140710

July 2010

Information on Preston village website

St Etheldreda, Chesfield

A ruin (since 1750) on private land in the deserted village of Chesfield. It can be seen from the road or a nearby driveway that is a public right of way.

chesfield_church_ruin080413_3  chesfield_church_ruin080413_7
 chesfield_church_ruin080413_6 chesfield_church_ruin080413_8

County Archaelogical Website

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St Lawrence old church, Ayot St Lawrence

Ayot St Lawrence is a tiny village but it boasts two churches, one now a stabilised ruin and one from the 18th century that was built partly as a landscape feature by Sir Lionel Lyde who started to pull down the old church but was prevented from completing the demolition by the Bishop of Lincoln.

ayot_st_lawrence_old_church020509 ayot_st_lawrence_old_church020509b
 ayot_st_lawrence_old_church020509c  ayot_st_lawrence_old_church190614_32
 ayot_st_lawrence_old_church190614_39  ayot_st_lawrence_old_church190614_51
 ayot_st_lawrence_old_church190614_47  ayot_st_lawrence_old_church190614_44
 ayot_st_lawrence_old_church190614_42  ayot_st_lawrence_old_church190614_40
 ayot_st_lawrence_old_church190614_41  ayot_st_lawrence_old_church190614_54
 ayot_st_lawrence_old_church190614_37  ayot_st_lawrence_old_church190614_36

Church website

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St Mary and All Saints, Thundridge

The ruined tower of the old church alone in the fields at Cold Christmas and unfortunately frequently vandalised. The top six pictures are from 2013 or 2011 (top right). The lower ones are from 2015 following attempts at securing the tower. The lowest 4 pictures are from December 2016 showing attempts to again secure the tower and to preserve the reset norman doorway.

  Thundridge_old_church150911_  thundridge_old_church150211_7
 Thundridge_old_church150911_2  thundridge_old_church150211_1
 thundridge_old_chuch090713_1  thundridge_old_chuch090713_3
 thundrige_old_church090715_1  thundrige_old_church090715_8
 thundrige_old_church090715_5  thundrige_old_church090715_13
 thundrige_old_church090715_12  thundrige_old_church090715_10
 thundridge_old_church111216_6  thundridge_old_church111216_7
 thundridge_old_church111216_2  thundridge_old_church111216_1

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