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Chapel, Queenswood School, Shepherd’s Way, Brookmans Park

An independent Methodist girl’s school that moved here from Clapham in the 1925. The chapel in a perpendicular style dates from 1927-1928 and was designed by Josiah Gunton of Gunton & Gunton, shortly after the school moved here. It is very difficult to see from the road as the images below show.

Ashlyns School Chapel, Chesham Road, Berkhamsted

The Foundling School moved out from central London to Redhill, Surrey in 1925 while a new campus high above the south side of Berkhamsted was built. This was designed by John Mortimer Sheppard and completed in 1935.  Subsequently in 1951 this became a state secondary school – Ashlyns. The chapel is at the centre of the main school range, about 100 metres off the public road.


School website heritage page

A church near you entry

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Chapel, Lockers School, Lockers Park Lane, Hemel Hempstead

A large preparatory school high above the town centre near the cemetery. The chapel is alongside the road and so visible from outside the school grounds. The school was built in 1874 and designed by Sidney Scott



Chapel, Hockerill Anglo-European College, Dunmow Road, Bishop’s Stortford

Built as a Church of England Training college in 1852 by Joseph Clarke. The site was a boarding school before its present status as a boarding and day school academy. The chapel of 1878 (middle gable) is just visible from the road, but is hidden by other buildings from the footpath that skirts the school site.

bishops_stortford_hockerill_anglo_european_chapel170217_5  bishops_stortford_hockerill_anglo_european_chapel170217_3

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Chapel, St Margaret’s Clergy Orphan School, Merry Hill Lane, Bushey

On the rural edge of Bushey. An independent girl’s school dating from 1897 and designed by Alfred and Paul Waterhouse. The chapel is easily visible as it is alongside the road at the school entrance.

  bushey_st_margaret_school_chapel150916_  bushey_st_margaret_school_chapel150916_1
 bushey_st_margaret_school_chapel150916_3  bushey_st_margaret_school_chapel150916_2

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Chapel (former), Royal Masonic School for Boys, The Avenue, Bushey now Royal Connaught Park

Part of a vast collection of buildings on the edge of Bushey. The chapel is flint faced, while the rest of the site is red brick. The school dates from 1902 and was designed by Gordon, Lowther and Gunton. It closed in 1977 and was briefly the United States International University (Europe). The site is now being redeveloped as Royal Connaught Park which much new building. However the chapel is surrounded by scaffolding and totally stripped of furnishings, decoration and floor. See the link below for the interior in a state of dereliction but complete as recently as 2013. It was designed by E.Doran Webb and built in 1900. The interior is visible though an rsj supported opening where the organ appears to have been removed. The foundation stone is at the east end but is difficult to see through green netting and scaffolding.

bushey_royal_masonic_school_former50916_24  bushey_royal_masonic_school_former50916_17
 bushey_royal_masonic_school_former50916_1  bushey_royal_masonic_school_former50916_15
 bushey_royal_masonic_school_former50916_2  bushey_royal_masonic_school_former50916_3
 bushey_royal_masonic_school_former50916_4  bushey_royal_masonic_school_former50916_6
 bushey_royal_masonic_school_former50916_8  bushey_royal_masonic_school_former50916_14
 bushey_royal_masonic_school_former50916_9  bushey_royal_masonic_school_former50916_10
 bushey_royal_masonic_school_former50916_13  bushey_royal_masonic_school_former50916_11
 bushey_royal_masonic_school_former50916_22  bushey_royal_masonic_school_former50916_16

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Urbex images at 28 Days Later website

Chapels, Aldenham School, Aldenham Road, Letchmore Heath

An independent school with an Anglican chaplain. There are two chapels here. The 19th-century former chapel (lowest 4 pictures of a red brick building) lies alongside the road and is now part of the music department. The current chapel of 1938-1958 by W.G. Newton and the Robert Neil, is over the road and passed by a public footpath leading off the road. This chapel used to have a large Stanley Spencer painting behind the altar but this was sold at auction in the 1990s for £1.3M. There is also Morris & Co glass.

 aldenham_school_chapel150916_8 aldenham_school_chapel150916_9
 aldenham_school_chapel150916_10  aldenham_school_chapel150916_13
 aldenham_school_old_chapel150916_1  aldenham_school_old_chapel150916_3
 aldenham_school_old_chapel150916_4  aldenham_school_old_chapel150916_5

School enterprises website has some information and pictures on both buildings.

St George’s School Chapel, Sun Lane, Harpenden

In a range facing the road but well set back, this is the chapel of a non denominational (but with an Anglican chaplain) day and boarding school. The school opened in 1907 as an independent school but is now within the state system as a voluntary aided secondary school.


School website

Caldicott Chapel (former), Highbury Road, Hitchin

This was the chapel for Caldicott Preparatory School which moved away from Hitchin in 1938. The site was then used by the war Department and after that various government departments and then it became a Youth centre that closed in 1984. It is on the Hitchin local list and that noted in 2011 as “Distinct signs of lack of maintenance”. It is now a private house at the bottom of Highbury Road , just behind the Walsworth Baptist church.

hitchin_caldicott_chapel_former060616_  hitchin_caldicott_chapel_former060616_1

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Reeds Chapel, Orphanage Road, Watford

This is the chapel, now converted into housing, of the former London Orphan Asylum School. It is on the east side of Watford Junction station. It was designed by Henry Dawson and built in 1871. The school left Watford in 1939 and the buildings of the school, which are also now housing, were used as offices. Conversion to housing happened in the 1980s.

watford_reeds_chapel050116_ watford_reeds_chapel050116_2
 watford_reeds_chapel050116_6  watford_reeds_chapel050116_4
 watford_reeds_chapel050116_8  watford_reeds_chapel050116_3

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