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Methodist Church (former), Romeland, St Albans

These steps near the Abbey are the only remains of a barn that was licensed for Methodist meetings in 1794.

st_albans_romeland_steps_methodist_former181114_1 st_albans_romeland_steps_methodist_former181114_

Marlborough Street Methodist Church history

Old Meeting House (former), Lower Dagnall Street, St Albans

Built in 1697-98 for Presbyterians and used by a variety of groups subsequently. It fell out of religious use in 1895 and now, much altered and extended, is used as offices and flats.

st_albans_old_meeting_house240316_1 st_albans_old_meeting_house240316_4
 st_albans_old_meeting_house240316_6  st_albans_old_meeting_house240316_2

Primitive Methodist Chapel (Former), Sopwell Lane, St Albans

Built in 1844 but vacated in 1875, when it passed into use by the Dagnall Street Baptist Church. From 1934 -2003 it was used by the St Albans Band for rehearsals, hence the name given to the house into which it was converted in 2012.

 st_albans_primitive_methodist_former150915_ st_albans_primitive_methodist_former150915_1

My Prinitive Methodist website

Hospital Chapel (former), Falmouth Way/Goldsmith Court, St Albans

Dating from 1893. It is now converted into offices and surrounded by new housing following redevelopment of some of the site.

st_albans_hospital_chapel_former150915_   st_albans_hospital_chapel_former150915_3  st_albans_hospital_chapel_former150915_1
 st_albans_hospital_chapel_former150915_5  st_albans_hospital_chapel_former150915_6
 st_albans_hospital_chapel_former150915_4  st_albans_hospital_chapel_former150915_8

Church website

A church near you entry

Listed building details

Chapel, Hatfield Road Cemetery, St Albans

On the east side of the town opposite St Paul’s church. The chapel is a nineteenth century building

  st_albans_cemetery150915_2  st_albans_cemetery150915_1
 st_albans_cemetery150915_  st_albans_cemetery150915_7

Cemetery website

Brethren’s Meeting Room, Hall Heath Close, St Albans

Just round the corner from the United Reformed Church in suburbia between St Albans and Marshallswick.

st_albans_brethren_hall150915_  st_albans_brethren_hall150915_1
 st_albans_brethren_hall150915_2  st_albans_brethren_hall150915_3


Lower Dagnall Street Methodist (Former), St Albans

This range of buildings was the town’s Methodist complex from 1824 to 1841. Ashbrittle House on the left was a schoolroom, Dagnall House in the centre was the Chapel and Canon House was the Minister’s House.


Church website

Spicer Street Church, St Albans

An independent evangelical church in the heart of St Albans and ver close to the Abbey. The current building dates from 1811.

st_albans_spicer_street_chapel181114_  st_albans_spicer_street_chapel181114_1
 st_albans_spicer_street_chapel181114_2  st_albans_spicer_street_chapel181114_4

Church website

Listed building details

Ashley Church, Ashley Road, St Albans

An independent evangelical church just off Hatfield Road in the east of the town. The church was founded in 1939, the oldest part of the building was originally a laundry and it has since been extended.

st_albans_ashley_church181114_ st_albans_ashley_church181114_1
 st_albans_ashley_church181114_2  st_albans_ashley_church181114_5

Church website

Marshalswick Baptist Free Church, Sherwood Aveneue, St Albans

Behind the shops and just up the road from St Mary’s in the centre of Marshalswick, the building dates from 1967.

 st_albans_marshallswick_baptist_free181114_  st_albans_marshallswick_baptist_free181114_1
 st_albans_marshallswick_baptist_free181114_2  st_albans_marshallswick_baptist_free181114_4

Church website