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Homewood Road United Reformed Church, St Albans

In the eastern suburbs of the town towards Marshallswick. The original building on the site is now the hall and dates from 1949-50, with the current church at right angles being built in 1964 and extended in 1990.

st_albans_homewood_road_urc181114_ st_albans_homewood_road_urc181114_4
 st_albans_homewood_road_urc181114_5  st_albans_homewood_road_urc181114_2

Church website

Lattimore Hall, Lattimore Road, St Albans

An independent evangelical church just off the town centre.

st_albans_lattimore_hall181114_  st_albans_lattimore_hall181114_1

Church website

Thirlmere Church, Cell Barnes Lane, St Albans

A short way down the road from St Luke by the local shops. This is an independent evangelical church

st_albans_cell_barnes_thirlmere_church181114_2 st_albans_cell_barnes_thirlmere_church181114_3
 st_albans_cell_barnes_thirlmere_church181114_4  st_albans_cell_barnes_thirlmere_church181114_

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St Albans Pentecostal Church, Camp Road

A small hall in the Camp area of the town.

st_albans_pentecostal_church181114_2  st_albans_pentecostal_church181114_

Church website

Hatfield Road Methodist Church, st Albans

On the main road into St Albans from the east. The current complex consists of a large church of 1928 designed by G. Gordon Smith which is now used as a hall and a smaller, partitionable worship area added around 1990.

st_albans_hatfield_road_methodist181114_  st_albans_hatfield_road_methodist181114_1
 st_albans_hatfield_road_methodist181114_2  st_albans_hatfield_road_methodist181114_
 st_albans_hatfield_road_methodist181114_17 - Copy  st_albans_hatfield_road_methodist181114_19
 st_albans_hatfield_road_methodist181114_18  st_albans_hatfield_road_methodist181114_9
 st_albans_hatfield_road_methodist181114_8  st_albans_hatfield_road_methodist181114_26
 st_albans_hatfield_road_methodist181114_25  st_albans_hatfield_road_methodist181114_21
 st_albans_hatfield_road_methodist181114_23 - Copy  st_albans_hatfield_road_methodist181114_24 - Copy

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City Church Elim Pemtecostal, Lyon Way, St Albans

A short way further down Lyon Way from the Forest Town Church is another ex industrial unit now used as an Elim Pentecostal Church.

st_albans_elim181114_ st_albans_elim181114_1

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Forest Town Church, Lyon Way, St Albans

An evangelical church housed in an ex industrial unit on the eastern edge of St Albans.

 st_albans_forest_town_church181114_ st_albans_forest_town_church181114_1
 st_albans_forest_town_church090316_ st_albans_forest_town_church090316_1

Church website

Vineyard Church, Brick Knoll Park, St Albans

A refurbished and adapted unit on an industrial estate off Ashley Road. There is a very large galleried worship area and auditorium leading off an equally large atrium.

st_albans_vineyard_church181114_  st_albans_vineyard_church181114_1

Church website

Seventh Day Adventist Church, St Peters Street, St Albans

A short way north of St Peter’s church just outside the city centre. The church dates from 1980-81 and is over the road from administrative offices for the church.

st_albans_seventh_day_adventist171014_1  st_albans_seventh_day_adventist171014_4
 st_albans_seventh_day_adventist171014_2  st_albans_seventh_day_adventist171014_3

Church website

Trinity United Reformed Church, Beaconsfield Road, St Albans

A prominent landmark near the City Station. It dates from 1902 and was designed by Smee, Mence and Houchin. It was badly damaged by fire in 1981 and the church was rebuilt within the shell leaving a smaller worship area and many ancillary rooms.

st_albans_united_reformed171014_4  st_albans_united_reformed171014_7
 st_albans_united_reformed171014_24  st_albans_united_reformed171014_9
 st_albans_united_reformed171014_19  st_albans_united_reformed171014_18
 st_albans_united_reformed171014_17  st_albans_united_reformed171014_15
 st_albans_united_reformed171014_14  st_albans_united_reformed171014_12
 st_albans_united_reformed171014_16  st_albans_united_reformed171014_11

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