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Poles Convent Chapel, Thundridge (now Poles Hall, Hanbury Manor Hotel)

Hanbury Manor Hotel is a country house hotel between Ware and Thundridge. It was built as  by Ernest George and Peto in 1890-91, but became a convent school in 1923 for which a chapel was added in 1934. The school closed in 1986 and became a luxury hotel in 1990. The chapel is now a function room called Poles Hall.

hanbury_manor_chapel300415_  hanbury_manor_chapel300415_1
 hanbury_manor_chapel250616_17  hanbury_manor_chapel250616_14
 hanbury_manor_chapel250616_10  hanbury_manor_chapel250616_12
 hanbury_manor_chapel250616_9  hanbury_manor_chapel250616_13
 hanbury_manor_chapel250616_15  hanbury_manor_chapel250616_4
 hanbury_manor_chapel250616_6  hanbury_manor_chapel250616_7

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St Mary and All Saints, Thundridge

The ruined tower of the old church alone in the fields at Cold Christmas and unfortunately frequently vandalised. The top six pictures are from 2013 or 2011 (top right). The lower ones are from 2015 following attempts at securing the tower. The lowest 4 pictures are from December 2016 showing attempts to again secure the tower and to preserve the reset norman doorway.

  Thundridge_old_church150911_  thundridge_old_church150211_7
 Thundridge_old_church150911_2  thundridge_old_church150211_1
 thundridge_old_chuch090713_1  thundridge_old_chuch090713_3
 thundrige_old_church090715_1  thundrige_old_church090715_8
 thundrige_old_church090715_5  thundrige_old_church090715_13
 thundrige_old_church090715_12  thundrige_old_church090715_10
 thundridge_old_church111216_6  thundridge_old_church111216_7
 thundridge_old_church111216_2  thundridge_old_church111216_1

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St Mary, Thundridge

Designed by Benjamin Ferrey in 1853 to replace the old church near Cold Christmas.

 thundridge_church040213_1  thundridge_church040213_2
 thundridge_church040213_3  thundridge_church040213_
 thundridge_st_mary080314_  thundridge_st_mary250616_1
 thundridge_st_mary250616_8  thundridge_st_mary250616_18
 thundridge_st_mary250616_14  thundridge_st_mary250616_13
 thundridge_st_mary080314_4  thundridge_st_mary250616_16
 thundridge_st_mary250616_15  thundridge_st_mary250616_5
 thundridge_st_mary250616_30  thundridge_st_mary250616_23
 thundridge_st_mary250616_25  thundridge_st_mary250616_19
 thundridge_st_mary250616_29  thundridge_st_mary250616_7
 thundridge_st_mary250616_3  thundridge_st_mary080314_2

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