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Chapel, Tring Cemetery, Aylesbury Road

At the western edge of the town, a small kept cemetery opened in 1894. The chapel is normally open.


Church website

General Baptist Chapel (former), Frogmore Street, Tring

Almost unrecognisable as a chapel and heavily altered, it is now housing called Chapel House. It was built in 1751 and enlarged in 1839 and was replaced by the current Baptist church on the High street in 1889

tring_general_baptist_former070716_  tring_general_baptist_former070716_1
 tring_general_baptist_former070716_2  tring_general_baptist_former070716_4

Salvation Army Hall, Albert Street, Tring ( now Tring Yoga Centre)

On a turning off Akeman Street near the Natural History Museum and now used as a Yoga Centre.

  tring_salvation_army_former130616_1  tring_salvation_army_former130616_
 tring_salvation_army_former130616_3  tring_salvation_army_former130616_2

The Old Chapel, 12 and 12a Chapel Street, Tring (former)

A nineteenth century chapel that was converted to commercial premises. It was convertedf after several planning applications to two resential units in the early 21st century.

tring_old_chapel_chapel_street130616_2  tring_old_chapel_chapel_street130616_1

High Street Baptist Church, Tring

Round the corner from the Grace Baptist Church (or vice versa). This is a church of 1889 designed by William Huckvale.

         tring_high_street_baptist101114_10  tring_high_street_baptist101114_11
 ???????????????????????????????  tring_high_street_baptist101114_2
 tring_high_street_baptist101114_1  tring_high_street_baptist101114_3
 tring_high_street_baptist101114_6  tring_high_street_baptist101114_9
 tring_high_street_baptist101114_7  tring_high_street_baptist101114_8

Church website

Akeman Street Grace Baptist Church, Tring

Well above street level on the way to the Natural History Museum. Rebuilt in 1832 with rooms added at the rear in 1866

tring_akeman_street_grace_baptist101114_ tring_akeman_street_grace_baptist101114_2
 ???????????????????????????????  ???????????????????????????????

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Baptist Church, New Mill, Tring

The church dates back to 1655 but the current building is a rebuilding of 1818, at the rear is a Sunday school dated 1895.

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 new_mill_baptist101114_3  new_mill_baptist101114_5

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St Martha, Chapel Lane, Tring (former) now Methodist

An unfinished building constructed on the south west side of Tring as a chapel of ease to St Peter and St Paul, the parish church. The flint chancel is attributed to Carpenter and Ingelow and dates from around 1880. The wooden section dates from the early twentieth century and the porch from the 1960s. It began to be used by the Methodists, as a replacement for their chapel in the 1970s and was purchased in 2002.

???????????????????????????????  tring_st_martha080914_1
 tring_st_martha080914_2  tring_st_martha080914_4

Church website

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Corpus Christi, Langdon Street, Tring (Roman Catholic)

On the western edge of the town centre, the basis of the building is from 1912 and designed by a C. Green. A tower and south aisle were added in the 1960s by George Mathers. Reconstruction in 1995-99 by Anthony Delarue turned the church by 180 degrees and added a new aisle.

??????????????????????????????? tring_corpus_christi_rc200614_1
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 tring_corpus_christi_rc200614_2  ???????????????????????????????
 tring_corpus_christi_rc080914_  tring_corpus_christi_rc080914_2
 tring_corpus_christi_rc080914_10  tring_corpus_christi_rc080914_7
 ???????????????????????????????  tring_corpus_christi_rc080914_17
 tring_corpus_christi_rc080914_14  tring_corpus_christi_rc080914_12
 tring_corpus_christi_rc080914_5  tring_corpus_christi_rc080914_11

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St Peter & St Paul, Tring

Right in the centre of this small west Hertfordshire town. The arcades were replaced in 1880-82 by Carpenter & Ingelow.

 tring_church010213_6  tring_church010213_9
 tring_church010213_3 tring_church010213_7
 tring_church010213_16  tring_church010213_13
 tring_church010213_4  tring_church010213_1
 tring_church010213_2  tring_church010213_11

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