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Campus Church, Hyde Way, Welwyn Garden City (Independent Baptist)

A converted industrial unit just south of the town centre.


Church website


Christchurch (Peartree) Baptist, Tewin Road, Welwyn Garden City

A converted office building in the industrial zone of the town. It was formerly Indigo Court and was opened as a replacement for the previous office conversion in Broadwater Road in January 2016.

welwyn_garden_city_christchirch_baptist140316_  welwyn_garden_city_christchirch_baptist140316_1
welwyn_garden_city_christchirch_baptist140316_3  welwyn_garden_city_christchirch_baptist140316_2

Church website

Christchurch (Peartree) Baptist (former), Broadwater Road, Welwyn Garden City

A branch of the Baptist church in Parkway, This has been based in an ex Highways Agency building on the eastern side of the railway since 2012. It was replaced in January 2016 by a new site at a former office building at Indigo Court in Tewin Road.

welwyn_garden_city_baptist_peartree231215_ welwyn_garden_city_baptist_peartree231215_1
 welwyn_garden_city_baptist_peartree231215_3  welwyn_garden_city_baptist_peartree231215_2

Church website

Howlands Baptist Church, The Commons, Welwyn Garden City

Near QE2 Hospital in the south-east of the town.

welwyn_garden_city_howlands_baptist110215_  welwyn_garden_city_howlands_baptist110215_1
 welwyn_garden_city_howlands_baptist110215_2  welwyn_garden_city_howlands_baptist110215_3

Church website

Herts International Church, Mundells, Welwyn Garden City (Salvation for the Nations)

Based in a large office building in the industrial area east of the town centre.

welwyn_garden_city_herts_international_church020215_4  welwyn_garden_city_herts_international_church020215_3
 welwyn_garden_city_herts_international_church020215_2  welwyn_garden_city_herts_international_church020215_

Church website

Fountain of Life, Howardsgate, Welwyn Garden City (Redeemed Christian Church of God)

This church meets in a set of rooms over Prezzo in the town centre.

welwyn_garden_city_fountain_of_life020215_  welwyn_garden_city_fountain_of_life020215_1

Church website

Welwyn Garden City United Reformed Church, Church Road

Called Welwyn Garden City Free Church until its 2014 amalgamation with the Woodhall Lane URC church. It is right in the town centre by Sainsbury’s. It was built in 1928-1929 and designed by Louis de Soissons, the city architect.

welwyn_garden_city_free_church020215_6 welwyn_garden_city_free_church020215_2
 welwyn_garden_city_free_church020215_1  welwyn_garden_city_urc140316_
 welwyn_garden_city_urc140316_1  welwyn_garden_city_urc140316_8
 welwyn_garden_city_urc140316_6  welwyn_garden_city_urc140316_7
 welwyn_garden_city_urc140316_5  welwyn_garden_city_urc140316_4
 welwyn_garden_city_urc140316_3  welwyn_garden_city_urc140316_2

Church website

Christ Church Baptist, Broadwater Road, Welwyn Garden City

A short way south-west of the town centre. The original church of 1939 is now part of a complex of rooms.

welwyn_garden_city_christ_church_baptist020215_  welwyn_garden_city_christ_church_baptist020215_2
 welwyn_garden_city_christ_church_baptist020215_1  welwyn_garden_city_christchurch_baptist020215_3

Church website

Friends Meeting House, Handside Lane, Welwyn Garden City

Just west of the town centre. The top two pictures show it undergoing refurbishment in Feb 2015. The others are from Dec 2016.

welwyn_garden_city_quaker020215_  welwyn_garden_city_quaker020215_1
 welwyn_garden_city_quaker221216_9  welwyn_garden_city_quaker221216_7
 welwyn_garden_city_quaker221216_1  welwyn_garden_city_quaker221216_6

Church website

Christian Spiritualist Church, Marsden Close, Welwyn Garden City

Built in 1971, hidden at the end of two adjoining cul de sacs in the Stanborough area of the town.

welwyn_garden_city_christian_spiritualist020215_ welwyn_garden_city_christian_spiritualist020215_1
 welwyn_garden_city_christian_spiritualist020215_3  welwyn_garden_city_christian_spiritualist020215_2

Church website