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This page is under construction and is subject to addition, editing and change.

Dissent in Hertfordshire has a long history and discovering where buildings were and if they are still there is a complicated matter.

This page is an attempt to assimilate a variety of published secondary sources to give a listing of buildings both in and out of use and lost. The former two categories have a page on this site, the third will only be listed here.

The sources used are:

Burg, Judith ed. Religion in Hertfordshire 1847-1851. Hertfordshire Record Society, 1995. This reproduces the results of two important surveys:

Upton, William. Statistics of the Religious Condition of the County of Hertford, collected for the Hertford Union [1847 and 1848] (US in the chart below)

Office of the Registrar General. Census of Great Britain 1851. Religous Worship in England and wales. Report and Tables, HMSO, 1851. (EC in chart below)

Ruston, Alan. Non-conformity in Hertfordshire: A guide to sources for local and family historians; Special Publication no. 6. Hertfordshire Family History Society, 2005 (reprinted with additions 2011) Sources for research, selected lists from directories and list of published guides and sources.

Urwick, William. Memorials of nonconformity in Herts. Hazel, Watson and Viney, 1884. This lists and discusses all non-conformists meeting licensed according to the Dissenters’ Act 1689. Many of these were private houses, farm buildings etc and these are outside the scope of this site. (U in the chart below)

I have spent some time at Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies looking through their information files and directories.

This list will doubtless contain errors and duplications and will continue to be updated. Together with the locking guide and lost churches sections for Anglican, Roman Catholic and Orthodox churches there should be a complete list of Christian church buildings in Hertfordshire

Location Address Denomination Chapel Name Urwick Upton Census Directory Date Current Status Notes
Abbots Langley Kitters Green Wesleyan Methodist U US 1881 Current Current
Abbots Langley Baptist EC 1830 Commercial
Albury Wesleyan US EC Unknown
Aldbury General Baptist Lower Chapel U US EC 1841 Unknown
Aldbury Calvinistic Baptist US EC 1827 House
Allens Green Independent EC 1840 Unknown
Anstey Barkway Road Primitive Methodist US Lost The Primitive Methodist chapel at Anstey was a wooden building set back from the road.  By the date of the photograph in 1997 it was derelict and part demolished.  When it was built is uncertain, but there is map evidence; it is marked as “Methodist Chapel (Primitive)” on the 1876 and 1898 OS maps.  It had closed by 1921.
Ardeley Independent EC Unknown p125
Ashwell Back street Independent EC 1851
Ashwell Mill Street Particular Baptist EC 1847 Current
Ashwell Primitive Methodist U Lost Methodist services were being held in Ashwell at least from 1799. The house of Francis Gentle at Ashwell was certified in February  We have little information about the chapel in West End, but it wouldn’t exist before 1820 and it does not show on the 1841 Tithe map, but was built before 1861. From the above it would not have been used as a chapel after 1932.1824 as a place of worship for Wesleyan Methodists. A church was erected in 1833 and rebuilt in 1880. The last services were held in September 1977 and the building demolished in 1980 for housing development In 1970 this society was transferred from the Biggleswade circuit to the newly formed Hitchin and Letchworth circuit [see NM4].By 1890 there was also a small Primitive Methodist chapel in the village attached to the Hitchin Primitive Methodist Station. It was closed in 1903
Ashwell Independent US pre 1800 Current
Ashwell Wesleyan US 1833 House The new Wesleyan chapel was built in the High Street in the 1880’s. Membership included a school mistress, who was the organist, several wheelwrights, a butcher, a baker and a number of working class people. The minister was responsible for a circuit of several chapels. Other dedicated men in the area, known as local preachers, conducted morning and evening services at their own or other chapels in the circuit. The singing at the services was loud and went with a swing, compared to the parish church where the singing was slow and deliberate. After 1945 church attendances were in decline, and with the building ageing and the cost of repairs rising it became more difficult to maintain the chapel. In 1977 the membership decided to amalgamate with the Ashwell United Reformed Church, so in 1979 the chapel was sold, pulled down and houses built on the site. Up the footpath, twitch well, from the High Street to Silver Street you can see part of the chapel wall and some of the commerative stones.
Ashwell Silver Street Friends Meeting House Lost called back street burnt down 1850. Burial ground still there.  Its position was roughly at the top of the steps which lead from Silver Street to Angell’s Meadow. To the right is the walled area of the burial ground, the headstones rather overgrown.
Ayot Green Wesleyan Unknown south of church
Babbs Green Wesleyan Methodist House Methodist chapel next door, Wesleyan House that we understand was built in 1890. The property has a date stone of 1891 and up to the early 60’s was still used for church purposes as well as the chapel itself. It wasn’t until 1968 that both properties were sold to the same family and owned independently after refurbishment and modernisation. Our client has lived in the property since the refurbishment in 1968.
Baldock Norton Street Primitive Methodist U EC 1847 Commercial Conversion of two cottages
Baldock Pond lane Baptist U Lost
Baldock White Horse St Wesleyan Methodist U EC 1795 current
Baldock Independent US EC 1830 current
Barkway Royston Road Independent US EC 1785 current
Barley Independent US 1841 House
Bedmond High street Baptist Bethesda US 1859 unknown
Bendish Primitive Methodist U house
Benington Primitive Methodist EC pre 1800
Benington Wesleyan EC 1835
Berkhamsted Berkhamsted Common EC 1835
Berkhamsted Castle Street Congregational U US 1834 replacing 1780
Berkhamsted High street General Baptist U US
Berkhamsted High street Primitive Methodist U
Berkhamsted Prospect St Wesleyan Methodist U f 1847
Berkhamsted Water Lane General Baptist EC pre 1800 enlarged 1840
Berkhamsted Brethren Hope Hall U
Bishops Stortford South Street Particular Baptist U US EC
Bishops Stortford South Street Wesleyan Methodist U
Bishops Stortford Water lane Independent US EC
Bishops Stortford Protestant Dissenters U
Bishops Stortford Wesleyan Methodist U US EC
Bovingdon Wesleyan Methodist EC 1834
Bovingdon Wesleyan Methodist Ebenezer U US EC 1847
Braughing Independent US
Braughing Wesleyan US
Braughing Hyper Calvinist US
Brickendon Primitive Methodist EC
Broxbourne Independent US
Buntingford Independent US EC
Bushey Bushey Heath Independent Hyper Calvinist US
Bushey Primitive Methodist U
Bushey Independent US EC 1850 replaced 1814 building
Cheshunt Chapel street Independent US
Cheshunt Cheshunt Street Independent EC
Cheshunt College Countess of Huntingdon EC
Cheshunt Crossbrook Street Independent US
Cheshunt Turners Hill Baptist Zoar EC
Chipperfield Baptist U EC 1837
Chipping Meeting House Independents U EC By field near Countryman. 1844 or 1845 now Mission Hall
Cockernhoe Wesleyan Methodist U
Codicote Independents U
Cottered Independents US EC 1843
Croxley Green Primitive Methodist U
Dassells Primitive Methodist U
Elstree Shopwick Place undesignated U
Elstree Congregational U US
Essendon Bedwell Park Chapel US
Essendon Primitive Methodist EC 1831
Flamstead Markyate Street Particular Baptist First Methodist U US EC pre 1800
Flamstead Pepperstock Baptist EC 1823
Flamstead Primitive Methodist EC 1845
Flamstead Wesleyan Methodist U US
Flamstead Wesleyan US EC
Flamstead Baptist EC
Flaunden Baptist Union US 1831
Frithsden Baptist US
Furneux Pelham Independent EC House built on site 1986
Gaddesden Row Gaddesden Place, Flamstead Wesleyan Methodist U EC 1845
Gaddesden Row Baptist US
Gaddesden Row Particular Baptist EC 1845
Great Munden Frogs hall Primitive Methodist EC
Graveley Wesleyan Methodist U
Great Amwell Stanstead valley Primitive Methodist
Great Hormead Independent US EC
Hare Street Wesleyan Methodist U
Harpenden Bowling Alley Primitive Methodist U
Harpenden Lane opp Stackhouse lane Independents U
Harpenden Wesleyan Methodist Centenary U US EC 1839 replaced a pre 1800 building
Harpenden Wesleyan Methodist U
Harpenden Independent US RJ 1840
Hatfield Park Street Protestant Dissenters U US Headstones from chapel in Park Close, Old Hatfield
Hemel Hempstead Box lane Independent Salem US EC 1714
Hemel Hempstead Box moor Baptist U US
Hemel Hempstead Boxmoor Particular Baptist EC
Hemel Hempstead Bucket lane, market Street Wesleyan Methodist U US EC 1839
Hemel Hempstead Cowper Road, Crouchfield Primitive Methodist U EC 1849
Hemel Hempstead Lower Cross Road Reformed CoE U
Hemel Hempstead Lower Marlowes Primitive Methodist U
Hemel Hempstead Main road to Markyate Street Particular Baptist U
Hemel Hempstead Marlowes Baptist U US EC 1731
Hemel Hempstead new Road Congregational U US
Hemel Hempstead Queen Street Dissenters U EC 1836
Hemel Hempstead Queen Street Wesleyan Methodist U US
Hemel Hempstead Two Waters Wesleyan Methodist U EC 1846
Hemel Hempstead Water End EC
Hemel Hempstead Wesleyan EC 1846
Hemel Hempstead Baptist US 1825
Hertford Port Vale Evangelical EC 1836
Hertford Railway St Countess of Huntingdon bethel U
Hertford St Andrew St Particular Baptist Ebenezer U EC
Hertford Independent US
Hertford Primitive Methodist US EC 1826
Hertford Heath Countess of Huntingdon U EC
Hexton Wesleyan EC 1837
Hinxworth Wesleyan Methodist U US EC 1829  A site for a chapel was purchased in 1831 for £7 raised by public subscription. This building was demolished in 1863 and a new chapel erected on the same site. The church was closed in 1970 and the premises sold in 1975.
Hitchin Back street Congregational pre 1800
Hitchin Bancroft Street Independents EC c1848 Converted to chapel
Hitchin Brand Street Wesleyan Methodist U US EC 1834
Hitchin Hitchin Hill Baptist Bethel US pre 1800
Hitchin Park street Particular Baptist Mount Sion U
Hitchin Queen Street Independents U US
Hitchin Queen street Particular Baptist U
Hitchin Walsworth Road General Baptist U US
Hitchin Baptist Salem U EC 1844 replaced 1699
Hoddesdon Ware Road Independents Burial Ground Chapel U EC
Ickleford Wesleyan Methodist U US EC 1850
Kimpton Wesleyan Methodist U US EC 1845
Kings Langley Langley Common Primitive Methodist U
Kings Langley Independent Zion EC 1835
Kings Langley Baptist
Kinsbourne Green Wesleyan Methodist U
Leavesden Green Baptist EC 1815
Lemsford Wesleyan US EC 1846
Letchmore Heath Herts Union Room US
Leverstock Green Baptist US EC 1841
Lilley Wesleyan Methodist U US EC 1839
Little Hadham The Ford Independents U US EC
Little Munden Wesleyan EC
Little Wymondley Wymondley House Protestant Dissenters U US 1801
Long Marston Cheddington Lane Baptist Ebenezer U US
Long Marston Particular Baptist U
Long Marston Wesleyan Methodist U US EC 1829
Mill End Baptist Ebenezer US pre 1800
Much Hadham Congregational U US EC
Nash Mills Wesleyan Methodist U US EC 1838
Newgate Street Primitive Methodist EC
Newnham Wesleyan Methodist U US 1835 Village hall built on the site
Northchurch Bell lane Particular Baptist EC 1840
Northchurch Baptist US
Norton Wesleyan EC 1829
Offley Wesleyan Methodist U US EC 1844
Offley Wesleyan EC 1833
Park Street Baptist/Independent 1814
Perry Green Dissenters U
Pirton Wesleyan Methodist U EC 1832
Pirton Baptist EC 1848
Preston Dissenting
Puckeridge Independent US EC
Redbourn Crown Street Baptist Tabernacle U US
Redbourn Fish St Independent US EC 1806
Redbourn Library Lane Primitive Methodist Mount Zion U 1835
Redbourn Wesleyan Methodist U US EC 1837
Redhill Independent EC pre 1800
Reed Independent US 1842
Rickmansworth High street Wesleyan Methodist U US EC 1841
Rickmansworth Baptist U US 1843
Royston John Street Independents EC
Royston New meeting Independents U EC There had been a meeting of Protestant dissenters in Royston since 1700. In 1706 the Old Meeting House was erected in the Middle Row in Kneesworth Street. In 1790 a dispute arose over doctrine and a group withdrew from the Old Meeting, to form a new Meeting. In 1791 a New Meeting house was built on another site in Kneesworth Street. The two Meetings continued to worship side-by-side until 1841, when a new building was erected for the Old Meeting in John Street and opened in 1843. The former building was converted into private houses. The two Meetings combined in May 1922 to form the Royston Congregational Church, which continued to meet in the New Meeting House in Kneesworth Street. The buildings in John Street were sold. In 1972, Royston Congregational Church, became Royston United Reformed Church, which closed c1982. The [school] buildings in Kneesworth Street are now used as a museum.
Royston Old meeting Independents US
Sandon Primitive Methodist U
Sarratt Daws lane Particular Baptist U US EC 1845
Sawbridgeworth London Road Baptist & Independent US EC
Shenley Wesleyan Methodist U US EC
Sleapshyde Wesleyan u US EC 1841
St Albans Dagnall Lane Baptist U US
St Albans Dagnall lane Temperance US EC 1846
St Albans Sopwell lane Primitive Methodist EC 1845
St Albans Spice St Independent US 1811 replaced building in Sweet Briar lane in 1796
St Albans Verulam Road Particular Baptist Bethel U
St Albans Presbyterian US EC 1694
St Albans Wesleyan Methodist U US EC 1842
Stanstead Abbots Chapel lane Countess of Huntingdon U EC
Stevenage Albert St Baptist U US
Stevenage Middle Row Baptist/Independent 1816
Stevenage Wesleyan Methodist U US EC c1790
Therfield Independent EC 1836
Tring Akeman Street Particular Baptist U EC 1808
Tring Aylesbury Rd Primitive Methodist U
Tring Frogmore Street EC 1799
Tring New Mill Particular Baptist U US EC 1818 1689
Tring West End Particular Baptist Ebenezer U
Tring Baptist US
Tring Baptist US
Tring Baptist US
Tring Particular Baptist West End EC 1840
Trowley Bottom Primitive Methodist U US house
Walkern Wesleyan Methodist EC 1835 house
Walkern Independent EC 1811 current
Walkern Particular Baptist EC 1850 gone
Ware High Street Independents Old U US EC
Ware New Road Particular Baptist Zoar U 50 New Road
Ware New Road Wesleyan Methodist U US EC
Watford care Place Primitive Methodist U
Watford Clarendon Road Baptist U US EC 1835 Replacing 1707
Watford Loates Lane Particular Baptist U
Watford St Johns Road Congregational U US
Watford Gilead US
Watford Wesleyan Methodist U US
Watton at Stone Wesleyan 1846 current Dwelling House
Welwyn Independent Bethel US EC pre1800 current
West Hyde Baptist 1837
Weston Wesleyan Methodist U US EC 1800
Wheathampstead Brewhouse Hill Independents U US 1815 current
Whitwell Free Church of England St Mary U US 1800 house
Widford Baptist/Independent EC
Wigginton Particular Baptist EC
Wilstone Particular Baptist U EC 1837
Wood End Independents US