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Cemetery, Icknield Way, Letchworth Garden City

On the western edge of the town, the chapel is a simple post war building.

    letchworth_cemetery260515_4 letchworth_cemetery260515_1
 letchworth_cemetery260515_3  letchworth_cemetery260515_2

Cemetery website

Friends Meeting House, Howgills, South Viiew, Letchworth Garden City

Built in 1907 as a house with a large meeting room by Robert Bennett and Wilson Bidwell. After construction it was  transferred to the Society of Friends.

letchworth_quaker160114_ letchworth_quaker160114_1
 letchworth_quaker160114_3  letchworth_quaker160114_2

Church website

Listed building details

Letchworth Garden City Church, Icknield Way, Letchworth (Elim)

Replacing the older church just round the corner, this is a converted light industrial building on an industrial estate.

letcvhworth_elim051016_3  letcvhworth_elim051016_
 letcvhworth_elim051016_1  letcvhworth_elim051016_2

Church website

Grange Baptist Church, Danescroft, Letchworth Garden City

An independent evangelical church on The Grange estate in the north of Letchworth. The church was founded in 1964 but the building is later in date.

 letchworth_grange_baptist191114_  letchworth_grange_baptist191114_4
 letchworth_grange_baptist191114_2  letchworth_grange_baptist191114_1

Church website

Kings Community Church, Jackmans Estate, Letchworth Garden City (Baptist)

Serving the Jackman’s Estate on the south side of the town. It was established in 1997.

letchworth_kings_church201014_2 letchworth_kings_church201014_

Church website

Norton Methodist Church, Norton Avenue, Letchworth Garden City

Built in 1934, serving north east Letchworth.

norton_methodist051016_1 norton_methodist051016_2

Church website

Elim Church (former), Icknield Way/Norton Way North, Letchworth Garden Centre

Now converted into an Elim run Montessori School which opened in January 2015. An Elim congregation, the first in Hertfordshire, began in 1923. This building was designed by Cecil Hignett and constructed by the congregation in 1926-27 around a  wooden building. It was replaced around 2006 by the nearby and much larger Icknield Centre. The top two views are before opening as a school. The lower views show it in use as a school. The sanctuary has been divided into three classrooms with a false ceiling that allows new facilities to be added on an upper floor that is currently being completed (October 2017). The entrance area to the church retains contemporary decoration and built-in niches for books. I am grateful to the church for the invitation to visit and photograph this building.

??????????????????????????????? letchworth_elim_former201014_1
 letchworth_elim_former051016_  letchworth_elim_former051016_1

Church website

Salvation Army, Norton Way North, Letchworth Garden City

The hall dates from 1936 and lies east of the town centre.

letchworth_salvation_army201014_  letchworth_salvation_army201014_1
 letchworth_salvation_army051016_  letchworth_salvation_army051016_2
 letchworth_salvation_army051016_1  ???????????????????????????????
 ???????????????????????????????  ???????????????????????????????

Church website

Central Methodist Church, Pixmore way, Letchworth Garden City

Some way out from the town centre, it dates from 1914 and was designed by George Baines.

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Church website

Letchworth Free Church, Norton Way South (United Reformed Church)

At the south end of the town centre. It was built in 1923 to designs by Barry Parker, one of the Garden City’s designers and replaced an earlier building of 1905

  letchworth_free_church051016_  letchworth_free_church051016_3
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 letchworth_free_church051016_1  ???????????????????????????????
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 letchworth_free_church131016_19  letchworth_free_church131016_14
 letchworth_free_church131016_3  letchworth_free_church131016_4
 letchworth_free_church131016_10  letchworth_free_church131016_2
 letchworth_free_church131016_18  letchworth_free_church131016_8
 letchworth_free_church131016_7  letchworth_free_church131016_12

Listed building details