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Seventh Day Adventist, Bennetts End Road/Gammon Close, Hemel Hempstead

In suburban Hemel, a church from the 1970s.

  hemel_hempstead_seventh_day_adventist040316_2  hemel_hempstead_seventh_day_adventist040316_1
 hemel_hempstead_seventh_day_adventist040316_5  hemel_hempstead_seventh_day_adventist040316_3
 hemel_hempstead_seventh_day_adventist040316_  hemel_hempstead_seventh_day_adventist040316_4

Church website

New Testament Church of God, Sleaps Hyde, Stevenage

In an enclosure at the end of Sleaps Hyde in Broadwater.

 stevenage_new_testament_church_of_god300115_  stevenage_new_testament_church_of_god300115_1

Church website

St Paul Methodist Church, Turpins Rise, Stevenage

At the end of a cul-de-sac in the Broadwater district of Stevenage.

 stevenage_st_paul_methodist300115_ stevenage_st_paul_methodist300115_1
 stevenage_st_paul_methodist300115_2  stevenage_st_paul_methodist300115_3






Longmeadow Free Church, Oaks Cross, Broadwater, Stevenage

In Broadwater, a church of 1963, with a more recent extension

stevenage_longmeadow_church300115_ stevenage_longmeadow_church300115_1
 stevenage_longmeadow_church300115_2  stevenage_longmeadow_church300115_3

Church website

St John Methodist (former), Chells Way, Stevenage now Stevenage Resource Centre

Built in 1964, the congregation joined with the Anglican church round the corner in 1975, iniially using both buildings. This one was then sold and is now the Stevenage Resource Centre.

stevenage_st_john_chells_methodist_former300115_  stevenage_st_john_chells_methodist_former300115_1

Church website

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Grace Community Church, Hydean Way, Stevenage

Built as Hydean Way Baptist Church in 1965.

stevenage_grace_community_church300115_ stevenage_grace_community_church300115_1

Church website


Salvation Army, Bedwell Crescent, Stevenage

In suburban Bedwell,it dates from 1958.

stevenage_salvation_army300115_ stevenage_salvation_army300115_1

Church website


United Reformed Church, Cuttys Lane, Stevenage

East of the town centre, it was built as the Congregational Church in 1954.

stevenage_urc300115_1  stevenage_urc300115_2
 stevenage_urc300115_3  stevenage_urc300115_4
 stevenage_urc300115_12  stevenage_urc300115_8
 stevenage_urc300115_11  stevenage_urc300115_7
 stevenage_urc300115_6  stevenage_urc300115_5

Church website

Friends Meeting House, Cuttys Lane, Stevenage

Close to St George’s church west of the town centre. It was built in 1959.

  stevenage_quaker_meeting_house300115_2 stevenage_quaker_meeting_house300115_1

Church website

Bunyan Baptist Church, Basils Lane, Stevenage

In the Old Town very near the Roman catholic church. It dates from 1901-1902. It was designed by William Huckvale.

stevenage_bunyan_baptist051016_2 stevenage_bunyan_baptist051016_
 stevenage_bunyan_baptist251114_3  stevenage_bunyan_baptist251114_4

Church website