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United Reformed Church (former), Watling Street, Radlett (now Radlett Reform Synagogue)

Raised above street level at the south end of the town centre. It was built 1929-30 as the Congregational Church, replacing a building of 1905 at the rear and began being used by the Reform Jewish congregation in 1971. In 1980 the United Reformed Church congregation joined with the Methodists in their church as the United Free Church and the building became a Synagogue.


Synagogue history website

Local Listed building details

United Reformed Church, West Riding, Bricket Wood

Two 1960s buildings at right angles to each other, the current hall was the church and the current church was added as a hall. It replaced the old Congregational Church which is now a lawn mower shop.

bricket_wood_urc260616_ bricket_wood_urc260616_2
 bricket_wood_urc260616_3  bricket_wood_urc260616_1

United Reformed Church, Watford Road, Chiswell Green

Hidden way down a drive, off the main road through Chiswell Green. It is a simple building of 1971.

chiswell_green_urc260616_ chiswell_green_urc260616_1
 chiswell_green_urc260616_2  chiswell_green_urc260616_3

Church website

St Martin’s United Reformed Church, Muirfield Road, South Oxhey

The building of 1953 was replaced in 1989, but is now all but disused as a church. The building is principally used by the Community Learning Partnership with the congregation now sharing St John’s URC, Northwood.

south_oxhey_st_martin_urc190216_7  south_oxhey_st_martin_urc190216_6
 south_oxhey_st_martin_urc190216_2  south_oxhey_st_martin_urc190216_1
 south_oxhey_st_martin_urc190216_3  south_oxhey_st_martin_urc190216_5

Church website

St Andrew United Reformed/Methodist, Aycliffe Road, Borehamwood

On the northern side of the town. It was designed by Paul Mauger and Partners and finished in 1956.

  borehamwood_st_andrew_urc_methodist220515_2  borehamwood_st_andrew_urc_methodist220515_4
 borehamwood_st_andrew_urc_methodist220515_3  borehamwood_st_andrew_urc_methodist220515_

Trinity Church (URC/Methodist), Park Lane, Knebworth

Built as a Congregational Chapel in 1887, it became part of the United Reformed Church in 1972 and amalgamated with the Methodist church in 1996.

 knebworth_trinity_urc120515_  knebworth_trinity_urc120515_3
 knebworth_trinity_urc120515_4  knebworth_trinity_urc120515_5
 knebworth_trinity_urc120515_6  knebworth_trinity_urc120515_2

Church website

A church near you entry

Listed building details

United Reformed Church, Oaklands Avenue, Brookmans Park

The only church in this large commuter village south of Hatfield.

brookmans_park_urc210415_  brookmans_park_urc210415_1
 brookmans_park_urc210415_4  brookmans_park_urc210415_3

Church website

Christ Church United Reformed Church, Buntingford

Just off the High Street, a church of 1819 built for Congregationalists, replacing an earlier church destroyed by fire.

buntingford_urc041016_48 buntingford_urc041016_44
 buntingford_christ_church_urc070415_5  buntingford_urc041016_22
 buntingford_urc041016_8  buntingford_urc041016_26
 buntingford_urc041016_41  buntingford_urc041016_27
 buntingford_urc041016_30  buntingford_urc041016_25
 buntingford_urc041016_34  buntingford_urc041016_32
 buntingford_urc041016_28  buntingford_urc041016_21
 buntingford_urc041016_23  buntingford_urc041016_12
 buntingford_urc041016_31  buntingford_urc041016_15
 buntingford_urc041016_5  buntingford_urc041016_6
 buntingford_urc041016_1  buntingford_urc041016_10
 buntingford_urc041016_35  buntingford_urc041016_18
 buntingford_urc041016_11  buntingford_urc041016_33


Church website

Christ Church United Reformed Church, St Albans Road East, Hatfield

A short way east of the town centre, a church of 1934.

    hatfield_christ_church_urc300315_4  hatfield_christ_church_urc300315_3
 hatfield_christ_church_urc300315_11  hatfield_christ_church_urc300315_8
 hatfield_christ_church_urc300315_5  hatfield_christ_church_urc300315_2
 hatfield_christ_church_urc300315_7  hatfield_christ_church_urc300315_6

Church website


United Church (Methodist/URC) (former), Brewhouse Hill, Wheathampstead

Disused since 2012 and subject to failed planning applications to replace it with a hall, church and housing it stands stripped just south of the village centre. It was built in 1876.

wheathampstead_urc_former300315_ wheathampstead_urc_former300315_2
 wheathampstead_urc_former300315_8  wheathampstead_urc_former300315_15
 wheathampstead_urc_former300315_14  wheathampstead_urc_former300315_17
 wheathampstead_urc_former300315_3  wheathampstead_urc_former300315_11
 wheathampstead_urc_former300315_10  wheathampstead_urc_former300315_5
 wheathampstead_urc_former300315_4  wheathampstead_urc_former300315_13