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St Mary the Virgin, Ware

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Sideways on to the main street at the west end of this east Hertfordshire town. Large and mainly 14th and 15th century but much restored by George Godwin in 1852. The organ has received a major refurbishment in 2016 and the old brass coloured pipes are shown alongside the new silver coloured ones replacing them. There are a huge selection of corbels and carved headstops of which only a few are shown here.

   ware_st_mary111216_125  ware_st_mary111216_137
 ware_st_mary111216_22  ware_st_mary111216_21
   ware_church011211_2  ware_st_mary111216_1
 ware_st_mary111216_24  ware_church011211_5
 ware_church011211_1  ware_st_mary170714_10
     ware_st_mary111216_53  ???????????????????????????????
 ware_st_mary111216_42  ware_st_mary111216_49
 ware_st_mary111216_98  ???????????????????????????????
 ware_st_mary111216_23  ware_st_mary111216_9
 ware_st_mary111216_8  ware_st_mary111216_62
 ware_st_mary111216_61  ware_st_mary170714_22
 ware_st_mary170714_15  ware_st_mary111216_32
 ware_st_mary111216_3  ware_st_mary111216_55
 ware_st_mary111216_83  ware_st_mary111216_2
 ware_st_mary111216_51  ware_st_mary111216_50
 ware_st_mary111216_11  ware_st_mary111216_60
 ware_st_mary111216_7  ware_st_mary111216_6
 ware_st_mary111216_4  ware_st_mary111216_25
 ware_st_mary111216_93  ware_st_mary111216_94
 ware_st_mary111216_72  ware_st_mary111216_74
 ware_st_mary111216_68  ware_st_mary111216_104
 ware_st_mary111216_113  ware_st_mary111216_120
 ware_st_mary111216_130  ware_st_mary111216_129

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  1. Selene Webb says:

    Hello, Would you kindly give me permission to reproduce one or two of your photographs of St Mary’s Ware? I am compiling a guide book to some churches with connections to Trinity College Cambridge, and hope to publish the results in a pdf linked from our website http://www.trinitycollegechapel.com. Thank you.

  2. […] Ware’s town centre is dominated by the striking [10] St. Mary’s Church. Inside is an elaborate 14th century font with carved figures. The eight panels on the font represent various saints such as St George, St John and St Christopher, as well as the Archangel Gabriel. The church is certainly worth a drop in, as can be seen from the photos here. […]

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