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St Mary the Virgin, Ashwell

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One of the largest and most attractive villages in North Hertfordshire. This is also one of the largest and most impressive village parish churches in the county, reflecting its medieval prosperity. It is virtually all of the 14th century. In the tower is some well known inscribed graffiti showing the old St Paul’s cathedral. The clerestory contains some medieval glass.



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 ashwell_st_mary160114_22  ashwell_church060413_2
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 ashwell_st_mary160114_39  ashwell_st_mary160114_26
 ashwell_st_mary160114_44  ashwell_st_mary160114_41
 ashwell_st_mary160114_31  ashwell_st_mary160114_30
 ashwell_st_mary160114_25  ashwell_st_mary160114_35
 ashwell_st_mary160114_6  ashwell_st_mary160114_7
 ashwell_st_mary160114_9  ashwell_st_mary160114_18

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