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St George, Letchworth Garden City

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Impressively sited on a corner, a modern church with a tall fleche and swept down roofing. Designed by Peter Bosanquet 1961 -1964. The hall (bottom pictures) across the car park is the original church adapted.

  letchworth_st_george051016_44  letchworth_st_george051016_37
 letchworth_st_george051016_41  letchworth_st_george051016_35
letchworth_st_george051016_28 letchworth_st_george051016_19
 letchworth_st_george051016_17  letchworth_st_george051016_14
 letchworth_st_george051016_13  letchworth_st_george051016_3
 letchworth_st_george051016_32  letchworth_st_george051016_10
 letchworth_st_george051016_33  letchworth_st_george051016_
 letchworth_st_george051016_31  letchworth_st_george051016_9
 letchworth_st_george051016_21  letchworth_st_george051016_4
 letchworth_st_george051016_25  letchworth_st_george051016_26
 letchworth_st_george051016_7  letchworth_st_george051016_11
             letchworth_st_george051016_22  letchworth_st_george051016_5
 letchworth_st_george051016_40  letchworth_st_george051016_39

Church website

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