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Holy Trinity, Weston

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A spread out village between Baldock and Stevenage. Originally a cruciform Norman church it retains the lower tower and arch structure, but with a later south aisle and an ill matched neo Norman brick chancel  added in 1840 by Thomas Smith.

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   weston_holy_trinity300915_21  weston_holy_trinity300915_7
weston_holy_trinity300915_1  weston_holy_trinity300915_15
 weston_holy_trinity180713_25 weston_holy_trinity300915_6
 weston_holy_trinity300915_12                     weston_holy_trinity300915_67
 weston_holy_trinity300915_4  weston_holy_trinity300915_63
 weston_holy_trinity300915_11 weston_holy_trinity300915_8
 weston_holy_trinity300915_13  weston_holy_trinity300915_60
weston_holy_trinity300915_50  weston_holy_trinity300915_54
 weston_holy_trinity300915_53  weston_holy_trinity300915_42
 weston_holy_trinity300915_35  weston_holy_trinity300915_38

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